Pet Weddings Animals Party Caterer Los Angeles County

Are you looking for a pet wedding caterer for your Los Angeles County animal friend?  Hollywood Pet Parties has everything you need! Text Adina today at 818-281-3578 and reserve a spot for your upcoming events.


Pet Weddings Animals Party Caterer Los Angeles County

Here is an updated list of Party Themes for your pet party supplies and decor, tables, linen, utensils, ice, and laser lights are provided at events suited to your needs.

Breakfast Special

Movie Night

Cowboy BBQ

Sailor’s Night

Italian Night

Fondue Special

Soul Special

Cinderella’s Night

Howl-leen Party –

Day of the Dead (La Dia  de Los Muertos)

Mexican Fiesta

Harley Dog Day

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTIES & WEDDINGS FOR DOGS We plan fun bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings for your dogs with a minister or rabbi included!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Traditional Dog Wedding

Jewish Dog Wedding

Gay Dog Wedding

* We respect and honor all religions. If there is a particular kind of wedding you’d like for your dog that you don’t see listed, let us know and we’ll be happy to plan it for you!


We offer exclusive packages at deal prices for you and your dog. Included in the packages are set-up, break-down, cleaning, and supervision by on-site staff members. Parties may be scheduled for anytime.

BASIC – cake and treats only DELUXE – cake, treats with catered food and 1 or 2 additional services SUPREME – cake, treats, catered food, movie, entertainment, music and all other services…. BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE/WEDDING- with Minister, Justice of peace or Rabbi’s service added Balloons Wrapping and gift bags

No limit on the number of dogs or humans.

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